Glamping or Primitive Camping ?

Will You Choose Glamping or Primitive Camping ?

Do you have a camping style? If you’ve never been camping, you may not realise that there are a couple of different main camping styles. For most people, the choices for which camping style works best for them will be a choice between primitive camping or glamping. But what is the difference and how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at glamping and primitive camping to help you decide.

While they may seem to be similar, the two camping styles are actually quite different. No matter which you choose as the right one for your family, there are no right or wrong styles. Like a lot of things in life, what is right for you and your family may not be right for someone else’s family.

The word glamping is a combo of the words glam and camping so when you put it together, it tells you a lot about the camping style. People that glamp often do so in pods, tented “cabins” or maybe something a little quirkier, with full power, running water, working bathrooms nearby and so on. Glamping campsites are often located near cities or towns to provide easy access to amenities.

Glamping sites may be a better option for families with small children or for those who are aging or disabled. Since they provide close access to a town, it makes things easier when you run out of nappies or in case of a medical emergency. It is also a great option for those who have never camped before but want to dip their toes in the water.

Like glamping, primitive camping is also described perfectly by its name. Primitive camping could also be described as off-grid camping. This style of camping is often done in tents deep in the woods. Primitive campers do not have access to the power grid, running water and so on. (Instead, they will use fire for cooking and heating, draw filtered water or bring their own water and are generally just out of touch from most modern amenities. This style of camping is best for experienced campers and those who really just want to get away from it all for a while.

So now that you know what the two types are how exactly do you decide which camping style is right for you? Well, you start by asking yourself a few questions.

Glamping or Primitive Camping

Do You Have Any Camping Experience?

For new campers and those who are not very experienced, glamping may be the better option. Given that glampers have access to all modern amenities like power, it gives you a chance to get used to living without everything your house has to offer. It will also give you time to learn new skills and hobbies without having to worry too much about your actual survival.

Are You Camping Alone?

Those who are camping alone may not be comfortable camping alone in a primitive setting. The woods can be a very dark and spooky place at times so if you’re not comfortable being by yourself out there, glamping may be a better option for you. If you do decide to go primitive by yourself, be sure you take into account everything from how you will eat to shelter and security.

Glamping or Primitive Camping

Are You Camping with Kids?

Kids can bring a whole new dynamic to camping and one that may lead you back toward glamping. If they’re older, they will likely be able to handle everything that comes with a different camping style, however, if they are younger you will probably want to glamp.

Nappies, special kid friendly snacks, fears of the dark and things that go bump in the woods will all make you very glad that you decided to forego the primitive style for a few years. This will also give you the chance to teach your kids the skills they will need to help with a more primitive style.

How Old Are You and Are You in Good Health?

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of aging people and those who may not be in the best of health often choose glamping. The reasons are numerous, but access to power and water are two of the largest. In addition, people who glamp often have softer beds and access to medical facilities. This makes it a much more popular option for those with these issues.

Do You Have the Skills Needed to Go Primitive?

Camping in a primitive setting can be done with few skills but it does require those few. Do you know how to gather good, dry firewood? Can you cook over an open fire or a fire grate? Are you able to keep yourself warm in nothing but a tent? Do you know about different lighting sources for a primitive setting? If not, glamping will be a far better option for you while you take the time to learn them. Safety is important when you’re camping and it is far better to be safe while you learn the things you need to learn than to head out into the woods without knowing what you’re doing.